Services for Valmet Automotive workers

With the Tuup app Valmet Automotive workers can buy reasonably priced tickets
for a bus driving between Turku and Valmet Automotive factory in Uusikaupunki
and for the Turku public transportation service Föli.

Purchasing these products requires you to join Valmet Automotive group in Tuup app.
You can follow these steps to join the group:

1. Download the application from Google Play(Android) / AppStore(iOS) or check thatyou have the newest version.
2. Register to the app with your email, password and phone number.
3. Save your payment method.
4. Verify your email from the mail we sent to you after registering.
5. Go to settings --> personal info and fill in your first and last name.
6. Go to settings --> campaign and type in the campaign code for VA 
workers you got from your employer.
7. And then fill in your Valmet Automotive employee ID number. You can find this from 
your payslip for example. Opteam workers use their Opteam ID. If your contract hasn't
started yet use their use their date of birth (DDMMYYYY) instead of ID 

After this you can purchase Turku-VA(Uusikaupunki) bus tickets from the upper right corner of the start page or Services -menu, from which you can also find Föli-tickets with pricing
for workers.

Remember to activate the ticket before you hop in the vehicle. Tickets must be activated 
within 24 hours of the purchase. Show the ticket for the ticket reader or the driver.

Turku-Valmet Automotive-Uusikaupunki Expressbus schedule has been matched to VA work shifts. 
You can also find the schedule in Tuup app by clicking the bus stops on the bus route.

The route is operated by TLO and supported by ELY-center and Valmet Automotive.

If a problem occurs:

In case of a problem with the application, paying or buying the tickets: or 09 2316 3777 (9-16 on weekdays)

If you have problems with finding the bus stops or with the schedule contact the operators:

-Turku-Uusikaupunki bus: or 01008840 (weekdays 9-16, price 1,70 eur/min + ppm)
-Föli - Turku public transport: feedback or 022624811 (weekdays 8-15, saturdays 9-14)